Our Factory

We produce many kinds of rattan products such as rattan webbing, rattan core, and chair cane. Our rattan products are made from the best rattan in Kalimantan, Indonesia. 

We can produce thousands rolls of rattan webbing per month and thousands kilos of cut core per month. We have exported to some country in Europe and Asia.


Webbing Machine


The making process of Open Cane Webbing in the webbing machine


Spiral Webbing

The process of weaving the open cane webbing using spiral.


Webbing Repair

Repairing and checking process of the webbing before it's delivered to our clients


Core Machine and Cut Core

We process the rattan core in the core machine to cut it based on diameter requested by clients

We cut the rattan core based on the length requested by clients

We sort the cut rattan core before delivering to our clients